About Us

Ty Linton


Linton Media Ink

     I started Linton Media Ink in 2001 and after completing website design and digital media classes at Stautzenberger College in Toledo, a small hobby quickly turned into a reputable small business venture. I’ve designed hundreds of websites, logos and print materials for personal, small businesses and corporate clients. Clients ranging from local dog breeders and construction companies to the Hilton Garden Inn and Tony Stewart Racing teams. As with everything else, the business has adapted to change over the years. The biggest being the decline in the website market. With social media and DIY services becoming more and more prevalent, Linton Media Ink had to look for a new creative outlet.

     I found it while playing around with filming my kids during their football and softball games. I got the idea to film the entire team for a season ending highlight reel and provided each of the players with a personalized DVD. My design background transferred smoothly into video production and has since opened the flood gates to numerous business opportunities and has become the main product of Linton Media Ink. Some of what we do here can provide a lifetime of memories or assist in making your business a success that is only decided by your definition of the term. Success here isn’t measured by a bank account but rather the reactions we get from clients and their audiences. So, what can Linton Media Ink create for you?